What the brand needed

Gamers have known for a long time something that everyone else is starting to figure out: there’s community connection on the other side of a screen.

With the world in the grip of a pandemic, virtual gaming has become a lifeline to normalcy and a vital coping tool for social connections.

Acer’s gaming division, Predator, wanted to solidify the brand as a go-to for PC gamers. But how do you break through to a gaming audience when the competition is stiffer than ever before?

You create a completely new game in a place where no one else is playing.

Insights and execution

Adapting the functionality of an existing platform, we created a game that could only be played on Instagram: the Acer InstaQuest.

  • We meticulously created three worlds – crafted with the help of one of the country’s best illustrators – each represented a key benefit of Predator.
  • Every week, we gave fans access to a world through an Instagram Story, with the quest to find collectables hidden throughout that world.
  • For every collectable found, winners were rewarded with Predator collateral created for the campaign, becoming collectables in their own right.

The results

Throughout the campaign, we not only gave our audience an escape, but promoted Predator’s immersive gaming experience in a place they had never seen before.

Campaign Impressions: 3,747,663

Gamers Reached: 2,661,693

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