What the brand needed

The JIVA! series focuses on the fast-paced world of urban dance battles, using top local fashion brands, a hot all-black cast and an excellent soundtrack to complete a fully packaged youthful drama series.

We were tasked with creating awareness and added engagement for the JIVA! series that was in line with the trend-centric market that the series spoke to.

The campaign needed to encapsulate the essence of the campaign, which was dance and movement, whilst appealing to a youthful, urban market. One leg of the campaign was to create street art using South African artists that could capture the essence of JIVA!

In order to gain maximum hype, we wanted to take JIVA! to the streets through art and an AR experience with an offline stunt that could be seamlessly mirrored online.

Insights and execution

We gave two artists a brief and asked them to design wall murals in Johannesburg and Durban.

Capitalising on more ‘informal’ media types, they created standalone, stunning art pieces that represent dance in these two primary locations. The graffiti-styled artworks featured dance moves that originate in these towns.

The client wanted to partner with Snapchat, so we created a unique Snapcode and AR experience through the platform. When the Snapcode was scanned, the public was directed to information around the history of the particular dance, as well as information and insight into JIVA! itself.

The client was thrilled with the one-of-a-kind, on-point art installations and the physical rollout of the campaign.

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