What the brand needed

Malcolm & Marie was an international Netflix production that dropped with instant commentary around it’s ‘hard to watch’ and gritty take on romantic relationships.

With strong black lead characters on the verge of a reckoning in their tumultuous relationship, the two stars held nothing back as they immersed themselves in an emotional rollercoaster that was both relatable and sometimes brutal to observe.

Clockwork was tasked to increase the talkability around the film with a quick-turn campaign that would reach the appropriate audience fast and ultimately increase viewership.

Inspired by the film’s main narrative, we invited audiences to share similar anecdotal situations through a lighthearted and engaging social media campaign that played with themes of relationship dynamics.

Insights and execution

To bring this idea to life, we chose Khaya Dlanga, not only because he has a huge following within the target market we were aiming the film at, but also because Khaya is known to discuss relationship issues in an authentic manner.

On Instagram Stories, Khaya is famous for posting provocative questions about relationships. These questions were answered by his followers in very real, often hilarious and always honest responses.

Khaya personally responds to every answer. With Malcolm & Marie being one of the most authentic relationship-based movies, it felt like the perfect platform to leverage off.

Khaya posted questions, which related back to Malcolm & Marie, reposted the unedited answers his followers gave and interspersed his Instagram Story series with Malcolm & Marie images and clips, encouraging his followers to watch the Netflix movie.

The results

A brand had never aligned themselves with this form of influencer commentary before – and the response was fantastic. The reactions from an authentic audience ranged from raw and cringeworthy to absurd and hilarious.

Collective actions were taken on the questions: 2399

There total collective impressions: 590,048

The total budget was: R100,000

The campaign ran on Instagram Stories: ONE WEEK

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