What the brand needed

Implementing a major enterprise-level IT migration is never easy, particularly for one of the Big Four South African banks. Failure to properly prepare workforces for the transition can lead to lost productivity and increased dissatisfaction, as users struggle to adjust.

When Standard Bank made the decision to roll out Microsoft’s Office 365 offering nationwide, it faced the dilemma of educating over 25 000 employees on the new office suite.

Insights and execution

Clockwork conceptualised and rolled out a multi-pronged user education campaign. Our experience in technology and IT was critical here, as it gave us the tools required to create engaging educational content around a complex software solution.

In order to better engage with Standard Bank’s user base, we knew we needed to humanise the campaign. With her comical take on do-it-yourself videos, the YouTube sensation Suzelle DIY, was the perfect choice. We created collateral, including a training video series, where Suzelle introduced Office 365 in a humorous and user-friendly manner.

We kicked off the campaign with a live activation launch event at Standard Bank’s Simmonds Street offices. Here employees had the opportunity to experience the Office 365 suite for themselves in a practical way.

We also oversaw a massive desk drop, where call centre employees received puzzles
they had to put together themselves, featuring information on their Office 365 upgrade. This generated goodwill amongst staff towards Office 365, as well as solidified the campaign’s overarching ‘anyone can do it’ theme.

This hands-on approach to learning was carried through online. We created and uploaded training modules to an internal microsite, allowing employees to learn about the different applications. We also gamified the learning process by developing an 8-bit game, where users can rack up points by testing their knowledge of the modules. The next phase of the microsite will see the introduction of an e-store, where users will be able to exchange these points for products.

The results

The campaign has been instrumental in helping Standard Bank successfully navigate the first phase of its Office 365 implementation. The live event was so successful that it carried over for an extra day. Standard Bank plans on using the same event format for its other locations around the country, starting
with its Rosebank offices.

The choice to link the Suzelle DIY brand with the campaign, as well as the gamification element of the website, was instrumental in getting buy-in from Standard Bank’s employees. To date, the microsite has had over 200 000 views from users within the bank.

Because the microsite is ongoing, the bank now has access to existing collateral to be used in the future, as it rolls out Office 365 to its other branches. The video series has also received excellent feedback, and continues to be used in multiple internal meetings and presentations.

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