With its head office in Johannesburg, South African-born full-service communications agency Clockwork has achieved Level 1 BEE status in 2021 whilst remaining an independently-owned company.

By deploying exceptional attention to detail with annual responsible social marketing campaigns and even more so with enterprise supplier development in the black and previously disadvantaged sector, the company has elevated its BEE status and firmly places black-owned and black female-owned companies at the heart of its suppliers list.

Clockwork provides significant support to black-owned business that need exposure and seeks out dynamic potential black-owned suppliers to support by welcoming them into their vendor pool. This ultimately allows these suppliers to grow and provide employment within their own respective communities.

Alongside several other initiatives, Clockwork has managed to elevate previously disadvantaged business owners, individuals and students through pro bono initiatives, bursaries and work experience for almost a decade.

The following initiatives are rolled out by Clockwork annually:

Skills development

Clockwork aims to promote skills and talent development among black unemployed youth through its learnership and internship programmes. The recruitment process ensures that eligible people who stand to benefit from a leg up in the industry do not only get sponsored education, but are also given an opportunity to develop long-term career prospects with full-time roles at Clockwork. Choosing passionate candidates that are mentored accordingly results in highly successful absorption rate for Clockwork and ultimately benefits all parties.


Clockwork proportions a certain percentage of its annual profits to provide bursaries to disadvantaged black female individuals to pursue their studies in the marketing, advertising and communication industries.

Development initiatives

Clockwork strives to complete several annual pro bono responsible social marketing and communications programmes to promote behavioural changes in South Africa, tackling issues such as gender-based violence, amongst others.


Clockwork strives to promote and support that advancement black professionals through its ongoing recruitment efforts, which includes partnering with companies for the training of black employees with disabilities. An example of this is the four deaf learners that Clockwork sponsors every year to complete the three-year eDeaf Skills Development Training.

Clockwork also saw a dramatic rise in black individuals holding middle management titles in 2021.

Clockwork strives to maintain a responsible and progressive approach to the elevation of previously disadvantaged companies, students and future employees.