Clockwork is proud to announce that one of its finest illustrators and designers, Tayla de Beer, has successfully completed her commission by advertising media platform leader MarkLives and delivered a powerful creative for their #AgencyLeaders ‘Most Admired Poll’ Awards poster design.

Since 2014, MarkLives has been commissioning some of the country’s best illustrators and graphic designers to design the annual posters that celebrate the winners of the #AgencyLeaders ‘Most Admired Poll’ Awards. Clockwork was thrilled to have one of their own singled out for exceptional work in 2021.

Tayla was tasked with creating a set of work that had no parameters or limitations, allowing her to express herself freely in relation to how agencies create award-winning campaigns. She used the idea of the balance of chaos and hard work leading to reward, using the symbol of a circle in her execution. She states, “Teams can glance over at the poster during late nights and be reminded that it can all be worth it. Hard work pays off and wins awards, resulting in receiving the awards poster that motivates people to keep working towards the next one.”

The composition of the illustration is full and chaotic, with bold colours symbolising energy. “I wanted to keep the characters diverse and interesting, letting them portray scenes that were stressful, humorous and relatable to all agency members.”

Tayla is a valuable member of the Clockwork team and her high delivery on this enviable project adds to her already impressive portfolio. As a digital designer on the Microsoft Xbox account, illustrator on the Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream mural campaign, and packaging designer of Oh Oat Milk, she is no stranger to hard work and passionate projects. In her spare time, she is also illustrating a children’s book tackling the topic of mental health and bullying.

Watch the sketch process of the project here:

See more of her work here: