What the brand needed

The SUV market is taking over South Africa and the world. With the emergence of this market comes a whole host of competitors, namely; the Volkswagen T-Cross. When billboards advertising the T-Cross started popping up all over the country, we thought of the perfect execution to hijack the conversation.

Insights and execution

We drove the new Hyundai Venue right into a VW T-Cross conversation with a cheeky copy line that planted a seed of doubt in the mind of consumers: Don’t Cross your T’s just yet.

We showcased the line on mobile billboards, strategically placed alongside VW’s T-Cross billboards on popular routes in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and social media.

Then, instead of using influencers, we carefully selected disruptors to encourage conversation on social platforms without even speaking on behalf of the brand.

The results

South Africans latched on to our cheeky jab in minutes. And in just 24 hours, results far outperformed what we had expected with a reach of more than 130 000 and over 17 000 engagements, all achieved organically. This was especially impressive since we spent R0 on media.

Volkswagen did eventually try a jab of their own. Still, the knockout punch had already been thrown, leaving the Hyundai Venue top-of-mind, with customers waiting in anticipation for the official launch in December.

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