What the
Brand Needed

Forward-thinking UK company KultraLab developed a patented skills diagnostics tool, which we called the Behavioural Change Blueprint, to help managers and retail staff build the skills and behaviours required for the future consumer workforce. The company found a way to fuse behavioural science and AI-technology to improve workforce performance. Once this diagnostics tool was ready, KultraLab turned to us to help them launch this innovative product and re-introduce clients and investors to their industry-disrupting offering. A key element in their brand refresh would be the development of a signature and stand-out brand identity and website.

The corporate identity as well as the site needed to set KultraLab apart from their competitors in the e-learning and employee performance space. Though the client was certain they wanted their new look to distinguish them and reflect their desire to disrupt the industry, they needed help in developing a brand direction that would suit them best. Stipulations from the client included the need to incorporate elements of the ‘Creator’ and ‘Outlaw’ brand identities, and create copy that spoke to the brand’s attitude and edge. Other than that, we had free reign.

Client Ask

Because KultraLab’s visual identity wasn’t set in stone, we decided to guide them in their branding decision by creating four visual looks or routes they could potentially follow. It was easier to show than tell. The routes ranged from a softer, more human-focused look and feel to a striking, minimal and monochrome one. The scale ranged from evolution to reinvention to revolution. The client selected the sleek, monochromatic design, which was bold, clean as well as uncluttered with elements of subtle science. This was the start of KultraLab’s game-changing brand execution.

The overarching project would involve many departments – including copy, design, animation, and development – to bring the client’s vision to life.

Insights and

As a team, we established brand identity guidelines, which would form the basis of every other asset we would create for KultraLab. With thorough guidance on the company’s visual style, tone of voice, and confident communication, we went on to create an engaging new website.

The immersive website, with its dark and edgy layouts and warm colour accents used for optimum impact in headlines or calls to action, takes users on a journey through KultraLab’s process, solutions, and ground-breaking Behavioural Change Blueprint. This helps establish the brand as something different – something users might not have seen before.

The swarm-inspired graphics link back to the power of AI, and there’s opportunity for a user to play with interactive elements with the cursor as they scroll. The call-to-action buttons are bold and sharp. Every element on these pages contributes to making the experience immersive and engaging.

The site itself hosts complex animations, such as the product demonstrations and the app functions. It was important for our animation and dev team to create movement within these elements that mimics neural activity and swarm intelligence, as well as the natural way customers would interact with the tools.

In terms of copy execution, text across the website was kept punchy, bold and easy to understand. All writing needed to balance emotional and intellectual elements to connect with people, while illustrating the company’s tech-forward product.

The Results

The result is a striking brand identity, which accurately represents this revolutionary brand, as well as a sleek, immersive website that guides customers on a unique user journey and accentuates KultraLab’s advanced behavioural change platform. The client assured us that they’ve only received positive feedback on the experience and visual journey the site affords investors as well as current and potential customers.

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