Meaning ‘opportunity’ in Sesotho, Menyetla aims to empower the next generation of marketing professionals. 

Clockwork is launching the Menyetla programme, a new initiative dedicated to supporting the advertising agency’s community of young and upcoming professionals.

The programme is scheduled to launch in November 2023 with the onboarding of the agency’s next group of learners. Clockwork’s existing pool of interns and bursary holders will also be integrated into the programme when it starts.

“The Menyetla programme is the ideal way to bring all of Clockwork’s learning opportunities together. We are very excited for the opportunities this programme will enable, and we are passionate about nurturing and supporting the marketing professionals of tomorrow,” said Andre Potgieter, Senior Human Resources Manager at Clockwork.

Since 2017, Clockwork has offered multiple learner, intern, and bursary opportunities to aspiring graduates and professionals via the Clockwork Empowerment Fund. As a non-profit organisation, the fund directs a percentage of the agency’s annual profits to finance bursaries for promising candidates.

Clockwork’s 12-month learnerships are based on a rigorous training programme, with successful participants receiving an NQF Level 5 diploma in their respective fields. Meanwhile, Clockwork internships are targeted at postgraduate students looking to gain a foothold in their chosen industry, with participants benefitting from on-the-job experience, knowledge, and skills.

“Many agency learning programmes fail to close or even address the gap between the experience of education and the experience of working. Dropping a graduate into a position and expecting them to achieve the same productivity and performance levels as longstanding staff members is not realistic. It’s up to us to recognise and act on that with a more targeted and comprehensive approach,” Potgieter explained.

Inspired by the Sesotho word for ‘opportunity’, the Menyetla programme will now house all of Clockwork’s learning schemes. Previous recipients of these schemes will manage the new programme, which has been in development since the start of this year. As part of the programme, members will participate in workshops and information sessions that explore topics such as workplace integration and etiquette, financial success, and business leadership.

“Menyetla’s goal is to increase the probability of success among our young trainees through targeted support and training that helps them adapt quickly and efficiently to their roles, responsibilities, and participation in the corporate workspace,” Potgieter explained.

Nic Simmonds, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Clockwork, added: “As an agency and industry, we have a responsibility to coach the next generation of professionals, and Menyetla will help us accomplish that by formalising and integrating our various training initiatives. Our learners are a fundamental part of our organisation. They offer new ideas, new ways of working, and new perspectives that help us evolve and continue to push the boundaries of PR and communications. The future cannot begin unless we seize the opportunities that lie before us. That is the spirit of Menyetla.”