Clockwork and launch festive season campaign to challenge holiday season drinking and driving.

With the historically low conviction rate for driving under the influence, many South African drivers still get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Some share the mindset that ‘I won’t get caught’ while others pull up a traffic App to side-step police blockades. It’s shocking to think that the fear of dying is more attractive than spending time in a jailcell.

If anyone needed more convincing, the Road Traffic Management Corporation’s new advanced technology such as EBAT tests and mobile alcohol evidence centres, make convictions based on alcohol levels 100% court admissible. This means no more cough syrup excuses or a two-hour test window, you go straight to jail until you appear in court, no collecting R200.

And this is why Clockwork and are turning holding cells into holiday destinations this festive season. Without even mentioning alcohol, Clockwork has created a simple, subversive message and planted it in places where no drink-driving campaign has ever been before: on holiday.

‘Drunk Drivers Stay For Free’ is a festive drunk driving campaign that masquerades as travel ads on discount accommodation sites, destination billboards, radio ads, social posts, postcards, travel blogs, and more.

These ads are crafted in such a way that, at first glance, they seem like great travel deals, but upon closer inspection, they’re designed to deliver a sobering warning in a provocative way.

“There’s no way to avoid these ads, because you never know where or when you’ll see another,” says Carmen Mohapi, Managing Director at ”It’s an entirely new take on spreading awareness around drink driving – one that we believe will resonate with South African’s humorous nature while bringing down the hammer on the consequences that might follow.”

The campaign was launched with online travel bookings platform, Daddy’s Deals, with amazing specials like ‘Last-Minute Romantic Getaways’ or ‘Group Accommodation with Free Meals’.

“Shock tactics don’t really work, but behind this tongue-in-cheek initiative is actually a pretty serious message: don’t spend your holiday in jail. The blunt message – ‘Drunk Drivers Stay Free’ in places you’d least expect will remind people that drunk driving convictions are easier than ever”, says Chief Creative Officer of Clockwork Jacques Shalom, the ad agency behind the idea.

The campaign is supported by Aware’s strategic creative partner – Wonder, PR & Communications partner Meropa, and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).

These ads have the potential to reach people on a broader scale, and perhaps, make them think twice about driving under the influence. With the festive season being notorious for accidents, deaths and lockups, do the right thing: assign a designated sober driver for the night, request a ride from a third party travel company or just stay home. One night’s carelessness can change not only your life, but that of others too.

A deeper look at some of the adverts on Daddy’s Deals can be viewed here: