What the brand needed

To raise awareness of the monetisation power of Reels, Meta asked us to bring their Creator Day workshop to life. The event needed to highlight the tech giant’s continued commitment to the African creative industry and position Reels as a critical tool for creators. Our task? To pull off a high-end two-part function that was chic, informative, and filled with value for creators.

We envisioned a space that would celebrate stories of African creativity and inspire South Africa’s top influencers to go out and make the most of Reels.

How can influencers truly harness the power of Reels and boost their careers? This is what Meta wanted to explain.

The aim of the workshop was to educate influencers and content creators on the best practices of Reels, as well as providing creative tips, offering inspiration and guidance, and helping them grow their audiences by adopting Meta technologies. Meta wanted to empower these creators with a suite of expression tools and products to help them monetise themselves.

The workshop also needed to create a fun and inspiring space that would spark creativity and encourage influencers to get involved by putting their newly acquired skills to the test. We were tasked with celebrating top Reel creators and reinforcing the sentiment that Meta sees them, supports them, and encourages them to keep making waves in the world of Reels.

The final objective was to land positive coverage with media in the consumer, tech and creator industry press so that the message that Meta is deeply invested in Africa’s creative industry gets out to as many people as possible.

Event Highlights

The Meta Creator Day Workshop boasted a full itinerary, and while the event’s central focus was on educating content creators about Reels, the day was also filled with memorable experiences.

Highlights included:

  • Having the enormously talented Stephen Obi officially photograph the event.
  • Watching renowned coffee artist Moses Lebofa in action.
  • Enjoying an assortment of creative cuisine that carefully combined technology and the culinary arts. Dinner guests experienced a personalised 3D printed starter and an audio dessert. The audio dessert allowed guests to season their dessert with a bespoke soundscape for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

Insights and execution

The invite list was exclusive. Deep dive research took place amongst the most influential of creators to find up-and-coming social stars that had not only forged their paths using Instagram, but were also on the verge of taking their products, brands and names globally.

With international eyes on fashion designers, socialites and voices from the continent, we extended the invitation to young, on-trend Africans that we knew would benefit the most, whilst solidifying strong relationships with Meta moving forward.

By putting these influencers in a room with key international Meta experts, we could give them the scoop on utility and functionality best practices that others in the social media market are not necessarily using.

The first part of the event kicked off with the Meta Reels School, was centred around South Africa’s brightest social media stars and was attended by over 40 lifestyle, entertainment, travel, beauty and fashion creators. While listening to top Meta speakers and learning how to build their presence online using the power of Reels, creators enjoyed themed snacks, such as emoji smoothies.

The itinerary included talks from the likes of Moon Baz, Meta’s head of creator partnerships in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey; and Pamela Mtanga, South African award-winning multimedia entrepreneur. Topics ranged from monetising Reels and getting future ready to understanding the Metaverse.

The first part of the event was followed by the second part, an exclusive dinner for SA’s top 10 Reel creators. They were treated to an evening of fine dining, live music, and inspiring conversation. The dinner was an immersive experience that encouraged guests to authentically capture content throughout. The itinerary included a theatrical dinner and a live performance by the talented urban-soul musician Langa Muvuso; a fireside chat with reality show royalty – the creatives behind Birth of Stars; and a Q&A session with Moon Baz and the Instagram team. The dinner was an intimate affair that encouraged creators to connect with industry professionals on a personal level, and allowed guests to platform the event through their social networks.

Both parts of the event were hosted at Joburg’s iconic venue, The Forum, with plenty of photo opportunities on offer, and an array of Meta swag to thank guests and assist them in their journey towards becoming even better content creators.

The results

The Meta Creator Day Workshop was a great success.

Not only was it well-attended by the target audience who enjoyed an inspiring day packed with quality entertainment and unique experiences, guests also walked away with a suite of expression tools and products to help them get the most out of Reels. The day was informative, fun, and engaging. This led to extensive coverage both on the influencers’ social platforms and in a multitude of publications. Our team’s creative work, partnered with the Meta team’s invaluable insight, resulted in a successful day that proved the future of African content creation is young, bright, and fabulous.

  • Video views: 967,222 video views* and counting
  • Engagement: 37,280 likes + 460 comments
  • Reach: 1.9 million* and counting

*From 27 September 2022 to 30 November 2022

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