What the brand needed

Gaming has changed a lot since we were stacking blocks and running from candy-coloured ghosts. Now, with thousands of games to choose from and a myriad of ways to play them, gaming brands have to find creative ways to stand out in a competitive market.

To maximise awareness of PC Game Pass, Xbox’s industry-defining subscription service, the gaming giant needed a way to show what it’s like to have a library of high-quality games available right at your keyboard.

Whether you’re a loner or part of a team, a first-person shooter or sim racer, PC Game Pass has something for you. This diversity meant we had to reach and resonate with many types of gamers and reflect the love for gaming that sits at the heart of the community.

To create a memorable, authentic campaign, we partnered with South Africa’s leading content creators to publish content that showcased the USPs and experiential possibilities of PC Game Pass.

Insights and execution

South Africans are always on the lookout for entertainment activities that are fun and affordable. So, we posed the question:

“How much fun can you have for R79?”

That simple prompt inspired our chosen creators to produce high-quality content that positions PC Game Pass (only R79 per month) as a cheap, convenient, and enjoyable way to spend money. Compared to building sandcastles on the beach or having a one-off meal at a restaurant, PC Game Pass, with its hundreds of games to choose from, emerged as the top choice.

Content creators included lifestyle creator and podcaster Thato Rampedi, game streamer Chantelle “Chani” Alexander, and comedian Liam Stoffberg, chosen for their large followings on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and their creative approach to short and long-form content.

By applying a tiered approach to our selection process – one that included nano, micro, and macro influencers – we could reach our target audience of PC and casual video gamers irrespective of what content they like to watch or how seriously they take their games. Whether you enjoy watching Chani stream The Sims or Thato keeping things real, there’s a creator for every kind of gamer.

“In-Game IRL”

The content our creators produced blended video game characteristics, themes, and objects into daily activities.

Finally, we rounded the campaign off with “Gift a GamePass”, where viewers who engaged with posts from their favourite content creators were rewarded with PC Game Pass codes. Because who would say no to a free library of games?

The results

Attracting millions of views and audience engagements across social platforms, the campaign resonated with the gaming community and got them talking about PC Game Pass.TikTok proved to be the most successful of our four selected platforms, raking in over two million video views and 66k engagements, with well-targeted paid media generating over 15,000 link clicks.

Our chosen creators loved being able to customise and publish content that spoke to their respective audiences, and this came through in the creativity and versatility of the content.

Across TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, the campaign achieved a total impression count of 2.73m, exceeding our target by 24%.Engagement levels were high, with audiences responding to the authenticity of the posts, resulting in a total of 76.65k engagements, exceeding our campaign target by 59%.

The campaign set a new benchmark with its performance on Instagram, topping that of previous Xbox campaigns and generating over 277k impressions. Both Twitter and YouTube surpassed their platform engagement benchmarks while receiving thousands of views.

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